For being a better human potential, allround development of an individual is the basis. This could be initiated through various constructive and well-disciplined programmes, which will give extra mile to their personality of becoming better human being; spreading and making the world we live with prosperity and peace.

Giving equal importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities we have designed separate associations. Association of Management Thinkers and Actors (AMTA), Arts Club, Social Club, Sports Club, RITM and Questa are among them.

College Union

Sri James Mathew MLA is inaugurating College Union 2012-13 Sri James Mathew MLA is inaugurating College Union 2012-13As per Kannur University rules and regulations, College Union is mandatory in every college. Accordingly, a well organized and symmetric college union has been functioning in our institute. College union takes up various activities which would develop the academic and non-academic developments of students. Every year a college magazine is released under the auspicious of college union. College union activities are managed by the team consisting of faculty and students.

Association of Management Thinkers & Actors (AMTA)

Prof.(Dr.) Michael Tharakan, VC of Kannur University inaugurating National Seminar held on 20th Dec. 2012Prof.(Dr.) Michael Tharakan, VC of Kannur University inaugurating National Seminar held on 20th Dec. 2012AMTA has been formed in this institute since its inception. It is an open forum of the students and staff to discuss about various aspects of management. AMTA helps the students to develop the latent skills of the students in the realm of organisation, marketing, finance, sales, event management etc. The cutting edge technology suited to management application has been taught through launching new and innovative programmes useful to the students and society.

The major areas of operation of AMTA are

To facilitate team works among students.

To organize various management events, seminars and conferences.

To encourage interaction with the students of other colleges.

To instill professionalism and academic responsibility among students.

To interact with outside world; industrial world in particular and to instill a spirit of comradeship and a sense of belongingness among students.

Arts Club

The cultural activities are the best means to reflect the values and believes of a community. ITM Arts Club is a cultural platform of the students. Arts and literature activities remained as the values of perfectionism. It is a great inspiration in our journey to uphold our values and ethos.

Blood Donation Forum

With a view to donate blood to the needy, a Blood Donation Forum has been constituted in our college. Every year the college organises blood donation camp and the District Blood Bank people collect the blood. Beside this individual requirements of blood is also being met by our students. Our students firmly believe that the best way to serve the community is to donate blood to the needy.

Social and Environment Club

Social Club is a media through which our students serve the community and show their responsibility towards the society in which they lives. Social Club in the past organized various community related projects. Social Club was in the forefront of the cleanliness drive when the state was under the onslaught of Chikkungunia.


Having realized to need to form a Quiz club, Readers club and Altius club, students have formed a new club in our campus by synchronizing all the above mentioned three clubs and named as QUESTA. The QUESTA Club was formally inaugurated on 18th November 2010, in which many dignitaries from various streams had attended. Under this club several Quiz competitions were conducted and quiz masters were our students. QUESTA has organized as a South Indian Quiz competition for MBA students on 20th December 2011. To inculcate reading habits, an in house paper known as QUESTA -ITM is being published every month. The entire work related to this has been attempted by our students.

Sports Club

Sports activities help the students to keep themselves vibrant and ready to take challenges every time. Beyond the academic activities our students make their imprint on the realms of sports by winning several University level sports activities.

RITM (Reel of ITM)

RITM (Reel of ITM) is a film club set up by the students and staff of this college. The main objective of the club is to show socially and culturally meaningful films to the students, and also to get familiarized with latest techniques applied in the film industry. Film is inevitable part of business and filming itself is an industry. The management students are expected to familiarize with film making especially short films addressing the industrial issues, and advertisement films. The Club aims at providing hands on experience about film making to the students by engaging classes by experts in this field.