Institute : Rules & Regulations

Application for admission must be made in the prescribed form within the last date of application notified by the Kannur University.

Application form and prospectus can be had from the College office and from the City Office (Near AKG Hospital, Kannur).

Principal reserves the right to reject admission to any candidate without assigning any reason thereof.

Applicants provisionally selected for admission will be intimated by post and the list of such candidates will be published on the college notice board.

Applicants who are provisionally selected for admission shall be enrolled only when they produce all the certificates mentioned in the prospectus and pay the first semester fees and other fees to be paid at the time of admission. Admission of any candidate who is found to have secured admission by false representation will be cancelled and shall forfeit the amount already paid.


First semester fee, special fee, caution deposit, University affiliation fee etc. shall be paid at the time of admission.

Other semester fees shall be paid before the last date specified by the principal. The fees may also be remitted in lump sum in advance. 3. If any student fails to pay the fees on the due date, he/ she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 50/= per week. 4. If the fees and fine are not paid before the last opportunity, the name of the student will be removed from the rolls of the college. If he/she is to be readmitted he/she has to apply for the special permission of the principal. He/she will not be eligible for attendance until he/she is re-admitted.

Students from other Universities shall pay the matriculation and recognition fee at the time of admission and apply for recognition of the qualifying examination.

Attendance certificate required by the University for University Examinations will not be granted unless the Principal is satisfied that the student's conduct and progress have been satisfactory and the student has attended the class three fourth of the working days in the academic semester. Students may also note that unless they register for the University Examinations, they will not be eligible for promotion to higher classes. 7. Students who participate in extracurricular activities will not be granted grace attendance unless they obtain prior written permission from the Principal. Applications for such permission shall be recommended by the teachers concerned.


Students should follow the dress code of the college except on Wednesdays.

On Wednesdays the students have to wear dresses which are normal and modest. T- shirt, banian etc are not allowed.

Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy.

When a teacher enters the class room the students shall rise up and remain standing until the teacher takes his/ her seat or asks them to be seated.

As discipline is highly essential to the smooth working of the College, each and every student shall maintain it at any cost. Loitering in the corridors, causing disturbance in the class rooms and other undesirable activities are strictly forbidden.

Absolute obedience is expected from every student. If anyone tries to defy the authority or the Principal or any teacher, disciplinary actions will be taken against them.

If any student violates the rules and regulations indicated above, the Principal has absolute authority to expel him / her from the College

Students are forbidden from participating in any meeting or agitation directed against the Government or the College authorities.

No meetings, processions or entertainments shall be organized or any fund collected from the college or hostels without the written permission of the principal.

If any student is found guilty of indiscipline, such as organizing demonstration or strikes, he/ she will be immediately dismissed from the College.

No student shall disfigure the walls, windows or furniture by writing on them. If anyone damages or destroys the college property, he or she will have to pay the cost of repair. If necessary, common fine also will be imposed.

Every student is expected to take part in one or more of the games/extra-curricular activities for which facilities are provided by the College.

The college magazine of the last academic year shall be distributed before the notification for the College Union election. In case it is not published before the date of election notification, it can be released only after the College union elections.

Smoking, use of alcohol or intoxicating drinks and consumptions of drugs by students are strictly prohibited.

The student should move silently when proceeding from one class room to another and at other times, so as not to disturb classes or others at work.

Every student should greet teachers respectfully on the occasion of his / her first meeting them for the day.

No student shall leave the class room or laboratory without the permission of the teacher in charge.

The behaviour of students both within and outside the College premises should be decent.

Bringing mobile phone, photo or video cameras by the students in the college campus is strictly prohibited.

The following are not allowed inside the College campus.

a) Publishing materials such as journals, magazine, booklets, notices etc.(except during the college union Election for canvassing votes) without the prior written permission of the Principal.

b) Conducting meetings by the student organizations inside the college campus without the prior permission of the principal.

c) Bringing guests, student organization leaders or politicians from outside for student organizational activities inside the College campus.

d) Displaying any publicity materials such as banners wall posters, notices etc. within the college campus.

e) Taking unauthorized collections from the students and staff.


All students of the College shall keep with them the recent Identify card with their passport size photograph attested by the principal.

All payments, issue of certificates, scholarships etc. will be made only on the production of the identity card.

Students from other Universities shall pay the matriculation and recognition fee at the time of admission and apply for recognition of the qualifying examination.

The students shall produce their identity cards as and when the college staffs demand it.

Identity Card is valid for one year only.

The student should surrender the identity Card when he / she leave the institution.


Every student shall put in a minimum attendance of 75% of term days.

Students are not permitted to absent themselves from classes without leave. Leave applications should be submitted to the principal in advance through the class Tutor / head of the department.

Absence from a class for one period of either of the two sessions will be considered as absence for half a day.

Applications for leave on medical grounds shall be supported by a medical certificate.

A student absenting from the college with or without leave for more than five consecutive working days shall report to the principal before attending the class.

If a student is absent for more than 15 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.

Promotion to the senior class and presenting them for University Examinations shall be subject to the following conditions.

a) The student should have earned at least three fourth of the attendance prescribed by the college for the course during the semester.

b) He / she should have completed the term of the course to the satisfaction of the college authorities and his/her progress, conduct and character should have been satisfactory.

Students seeking exemption from the rules related to the minimum attendance shall apply for exemption to the university. The reason for each days of absence is to be explained. In the case of absence on account of illness, a medical certificate also has to be furnished.

No application for exemption will be recommended by the Principal unless he is satisfied that the shortage of attendance was beyond the student's control. In no case will exemption be granted to the same student for more than once in a course.


The caution deposit will be refunded (after deducting dues, common fine etc if any) to the students only after the completion of the course or when the student leaves the institution. They should produce the original receipt issued at the time of admission.

All claims for refund of deposit shall be preferred before the re-opening date of the next academic year. After the first two months of the next academic year, the whole amount due to the students shall be permanently forfeited and the same will be transferred to students welfare fund.


Application for Transfer Certificate should be made in the prescribed form at least two days in advance.

Conduct Certificate will be issued only along with the Transfer Certificate when the student has completed the course.

A late fee of Rs. 100/-per year will be levied from those who apply for T.C. after one year of his / her leaving the college. The date of leaving the College will ordinarily be the last day of his attendance at the college.

A fine of Rs 500/- has to be paid for the issue of a duplicate T.C. Duplicate T.C. will be issued only on the production of an affidavit signed before a judicial Magistrate of first Class.


The college library will be open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all working days.

Absolute silence should be observed in the library and reading room.

All students of the college are members of the library.

Books shall be issued to them on production of borrower's cards which can be obtained from the library.

No member shall keep a book for more than a fortnight.

The time for issue and return of books will be notified in the library.

Absence from the college will not be a valid reason for delay in returning books.

If necessary, the librarian may recall a book at any time even when the normal period of loan is not over.

Members shall not sub-lend the books of the library.

On no account shall a member disfigure a library book. When a member receives a book from the library he/she shall satisfy himself/herself that the book is in good condition. If it is not, the matter should at once be brought to the notice of the librarian.

A fine of Rs 17= per day will be levied if a book is kept beyond a fortnight.

If the date on which a book is to be returned happens to be a holiday, it shall be returned on the next working day.

If the library book lost, the borrower has to replace it with a new copy of the book or to pay three times of the actual price of the book.

Any matter not covered by the foregoing rules shall be decided by the principal.


Students are permitted to enter the laboratories only in the periods allotted for them.

On entering the labs each students should be confined to their position and deal with only those items needed for their work.

Utmost care should be taken in handling the lab equipments.

If any items damaged by the student he/she will be liable to pay the cost /repair charge of the item.

Before leaving the lab, the student shall report to the teacher in charge and convince that all items are intact.


Admission to the hostel is for one year only.

Students have to submit their application for hostel accommodation to the respective warden of the hostel.

The chief warden is the final authority to grant admission/readmission. Chief warden has the right to reject an application without assigning any reason thereof.

Inmates of the hostels shall strictly obey the rules and regulations of the hostel.

Inmates are expected to stay in the hostel except during college holidays.

If they are leaving the hostel on working days, they should submit a written application to the chief warden through their warden and obtain permission before leaving the hostel.


At present college Bus service is available in the following routes.

A. Kannur - Thana - Chalode - ITM College

B. Kannur - Puthiyatheru - Kambil - ITM College

Student who want college bus facility shall submit an application in the prescribed form.

Allotment will be done as per the availability of vacancies in the routes.

Students are allowed to travel only in the allotted route.

They should board and de-board at the selected place itself

Bus fare should be remitted in advance at the college off-ice for a semester in lumpsum. The amount remitted once will not be refunded.

Mixed seating in the bus is strictly prohibited.

Students are required to keep discipline and dignity through out the journey.

In case of violation of any rule, his/her right to travel in the college bus will be cancelled. 10. College Authority has the right to permit or reject an application.